SUMMER IS MY FAVORITE for so many reasons. One is because of simple refreshers such as this ice-cold, sweet watermelon lemonade that you must include at your next pool party, or even while your bathing in the sun alone.

Not only does this cool and hydrating drink counteract the heat, but it is also the perfect summer beverage because it will leave you looking gorgeous in a bikini. Instead of eating chips, dip, or heavy foods by the pool, your bod will appreciate you for grabbing something that will leave you feeling like sunshine. This drink definitely made me feel overjoyed and glowing.

Watermelon can be messy to eat, so blending it up is a great way to make situations a little less drippy and a little more sippy! (I’m a poet and I don’t even know it). Lemons by themselves are great for the body, but can be extremely sour and unpleasant by themselves. Blending the tangy juice of the lemon with the sweet and juiciness of the melon is a divine summer creation waiting to happen!

First, allow me to show you my way((aka the lazy way)) of cutting a watermelon:

STEP 1: Cut the watermelon in half.


STEP 2: Cut the halves in half.


STEP 3: Create slices down the melon, but stop slicing just before the rind.


STEP 4: Slice longways on each side of the melon.


STEP 5: Cut out the pieces in a U-shaped motion into a bowl.




For the lemonade:


Blend about 6 cups of chopped watermelon with juice from 2 lemons, along with a sweetener. I used 3 drops of liquid Stevia. Add ice cubes in the blender to make it a chilly slush or pour over ice cubes in a glass before drinking that gorgeously glowing melon-ade :))